Machining and Cutting Services

Koenigs is well-equipped to offer a range of services from waterjet cutting to TIG welding. We have supported many local companies with the design and manufacture of products to suit their particular requirements.
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Waterjet Cutting

Koenigs has invested in the Techni Waterjet i510-G2. This state-of-the-art machine technology can cut almost any material to 200mm thick with speed, accuracy and repeatability.

Waterjet cutting technology supports cold cutting, allowing the cutting of materials that with other methods might be burnt, melted, cracked, warped, hardened or degraded.

Water jet cutting technology can cut complex shapes including sharp corners, bevels, pierce holes, and shapes with a very small inner radius.

The advantages of water jet cutting include:

  • Cold cutting of virtually any material including fibre-reinforced and stacked layers of different materials
  • Omni-directional cutting
  • Perforation of most materials without the need for starting holes
  • Produces net-shapes or near net-shapes reducing secondary processing
  • Excellent edge quality
  • Minimal fixturing required
  • Stress-free cutting
  • Saves on raw materials with small cutting kerf and nesting capabilities
  • Fast, accurate and repeatable

Machine capability

  • Cutting area 1525 x 3050mm
  • Accuracy ± 0.12 mm
  • Repeatability ± 0.025 mm
  • Maximum cutting speed 17.5 m/min
  • Maximum material thickness 200 mm

Versatile, environmentally friendly, and a range of applications

Water jet cutting is environmentally friendly. The debris is removed by water and does not create dust, chips or hazardous gases, and does not require cutting oils or emulsions.

Water jet cutting can cut textiles, rubber, elastomers, thin plastics and many other products with just water. To cut harder materials such as metal and stone an abrasive is added

Water jet cutting is used for numerous applications including:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Machine components
  • Automotive interior and body components
  • Architectural screens
  • Sculptural artwork
  • Signage
  • Custom packaging

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Koenigs Services

We have the expertise and equipment to provide a range of services from complex metal fabrication to simple labels for electrical boxes and push buttons.


With experienced tradespeople specialising in stainless steel TIG welding.

Sheet Metal Bending

Our state-of-the-art programmable bending provides accurate and repeatable bending.

Design and Manufacture

We can work with you to design and manufacture products to suit your requirements.

Signage and Labelling

We can produce a variety of traffolyte and stainless steel signage and labels.

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High quality local custom manufacturing

koenigs custom fabrication
koenigs custom fabrication
koenigs custom fabrication
koenigs custom fabrication
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