Koenigs Electrical Distribution Enclosures

Koenigs electrical distribution enclosures are manufactured from high quality materials in our Illawarra NSW workshop. Available in mild steel, 316SS, flat roof or sloped roof options
Suit any application

Koenigs Electrical Distribution Enclosures

Our electrical distribution enclosures are available with a flat roof or with a 30-degree or 40-degree sloped roof to prevent the build-up of water and solids. Gloss x15 orange powder coating


Koenigs Electrical Distribution Enclosure come with a range of standard features and can be customised to suit individual customer requirements.


  • All enclosure sizes can be water cut, welded and shaped to suit any application
  • Available in mild steel or 316SS
  • Flat roof or 30-degree or 40-degree sloped roof
  • Gloss x15 orange powder coating
  • Elegant black pintle hinge for easy door removal
  • Top hat mounting pan to accommodate any chassis size
  • Manufactured in Australia to AS/NZS 61439.1:2016 and AS/NZS 3000:2018